Artistic involvement

In addition to paying it forward, the members of the FJ&B team share their expertise with the professionals of the Quebecois artistic medium, while chairing on various juries and boards of directors, all while being members of different networks. A few examples are listed below :

  • co-presenter with Diffusion Saguenay
  • partner with the Centre d’Expérimentation Musicale
  • partner with Côté-Cour
  • member of the Réseau Objectif Scène CA
  • member of the Bourse Objectif Scène jury
  • member of the Révélations Jazz Radio-Canada of the year jury
  • member of the Jazz Album of the Year jury from ADISQ
  • Rideau member – partner of the Conseil des Arts de Saguenay
  • partner with the Orchestre Symphonique du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in their public development measures

Place aux Jeunes (youth centre)

Ubisoft Saguenay is proud to support our young musicians
Up and coming young musicians and artists need to be supported, inspired and encouraged… A wide variety of different methods implicated by the Festival Jazz & Blues de Saguenay’s 25th edition.

Donations and grants

The Festival Jazz et Blues is proud to have provided donations and grants to the sum of $3,525 in 2019 for community charities and regional schools that include:
in tickets given to The Kidney Foundation to help with their fundraising

in an Archambault grant awarded to the recipient of the Collège d’Alma scholarship in addition to a show in our program

A prize with an approximate value of $1,500 awarded to the recipient of the Objectif Scène grant, including a performance as part of the 25th edition in April 2020, the service of professional technicians, room rental, promotion, meals and accommodation.

in an Archambault grant awarded to the winner of the Show des Rives (Commission Scolaire des Rives du Saguenay) in addition to a show in our program

An approximate value of $1375 in tickets given to the regional schools via the Place aux Jeunes program and audience development from the Orchestre Symphonique du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

In addition to all of this in 2021, an additional grant of $1,000 + a performance in 2022 to one of the finalists in the Festival de la Chanson de Saint-Ambroise.

A partner of choice

The different means set up by the Festival Jazz & Blues of Saguenay 25th edition are numerous and varied due to the help from Ubisoft Saguenay. Initially during our traditional cocktail reception, the 300 or so guests on-site were able to fully appreciate the performances of young and talented musicians during their apprenticeship, most of them graduating in music from the Collège d’Alma.
In addition, we’re offering grants to the deserving candidates, notably during the grand finale of the Show des Rives from the Commission Scolaire des Rives-du-Saguenay. We open our stages to offer them professional services, in addition to distributing hundreds of show tickets so that they can attend our Major Events.

We also offer them privileged access to relevant conferences to ensure that they stay in school, with the constant focus resting on the benefit of playing music for a healthy and balanced life. This component will extend with more even activities in 2020. Thus, our intention to encourage our aspiring musicians.


Mission accomplished!

The Festival Jazz & Blues de Saguenay is very proud to announce that it has been classified as level 2 according to the BNQ standard for responsible event management in 2019! Once more, we’re working with the Conseil Québécois des Événements Écoresponsables, in order to fulfill this standard’s requirements.

Help us to share best practices

No matter if you’re the driver or passenger, carpooling is always an option!

Amigo Express

Think to post your departure on Amigo Express if you’re coming to the festival! You can share travel costs and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

Every action helps!

Thanks to its initiatives supervised by the Conseil Québécois des Événements Écoresponsables (CQEER), the Festival participates in a progressive manner, to heighten the awareness of its partners and festival-goers on the importance of adopting environmentally responsible behaviours.


– Reuse your plastic glass instead of taking a new one in locations that don’t have washable glasses
– Sort your garbage and recyclable materials before disposing of them
– Carpool, use public transportation or walk to the different events
– Fill a reusable container instead of buying bottled water
– Buy local products as often as possible
– Opt for Fairtrade products when possible, which value production made under environmentally safe conditions and offer equal and fair compensation for their employees


– Calculate the greenhouse gases emitted by your team, artists and festival-goers for symbolic compensation
– Prioritize local suppliers, when possible
– Prioritize recyclable materials over non-recyclable materials
– Provide people with recycling and garbage facilities that allow them to sort their waste
– Use equipment and energy sources with reduced energy consumption (e.g., LED lamp for stage lighting) whenever possible
– Continue to reduce its waste production by using the 3Rs (reduce – reuse – recycle)