Le volet écoresponsable du Festival est une présentation de



Le Festival Jazz & Blues de Saguenay peut maintenant compter sur l’appui de RECYC-QUÉBEC pour faire grandir ses actions en écoresponsabilité. Pour découvrir l’ampleur de ses actions et connaître les prochaines démarches à venir pour le Festival à ce niveau, consultez notre POLITIQUE D’ÉVÉNEMENT ÉCORESPONSABLE.

Help us share best practices

Whether you are a driver or a passenger, it is possible to carpool

Amigo Express

Remember to post your departure on Amigo express if you come to the festival! You will be able to share travel costs and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Every little gesture counts!

The festival wishes to participate slowly but surely, in raising awareness among its partners and festivalgoers of the importance of adopting responsible behavior towards the environment.

How to adopt responsible behavior towards the environment during the festival?

  • Reuse your plastic cup instead of taking a new one in places that do not have washable cups.
  • Properly sort your waste and recyclable materials when it is time to dispose of them.
  • Carpool, use public transit or walk to a show.
  • Fill a reusable container rather than buying a water bottle.
  • Prioritize suppliers of local products.
  • Choose, when possible, fair-trade products, which value production made in conditions that respect the environment and which fairly remunerate its employees.

The festival is committed to:

  • Choose local suppliers when possible.
  • Prioritize recyclable materials over non-recyclable materials.
  • Where possible, provide people with recycling and waste disposal facilities that allow them to sort their waste.
  • Continue to reduce its waste production by using the principles of 3R-V (reduce – reuse – recycle).